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Default Re: 30 second survey?

Originally Posted by johnday View Post
..............Got a full computer scan starting shortly..........
It's possible that after the scan is done, that the last time you saw so many Trojans in action was when you were in high school.


Originally Posted by johnday View Post
I've only got one account, so you have different addresses I take it?

I very selectively share my phone number and haven't been burned, must be doing something right. Still, I need to get a burner phone/burner number, and there are apps for that. You know what apps are, right?

Edit : something else......I also guard and restrict the cell number. For example, when I'm in a store or whatever and they want my phone number, I say, "I only share my personal cell phone number with friends and family", and then I watch the persons reaction (cuz they of course, understand and agree with me). If they insist on a number.......I give them the non-emergency one to the cop shop here, or something like that. Or just use one for another business, a former employer or give them one to a car dealer, anything but a wild guess that could be a persons home phone.
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