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Default Re: 30 second survey?

Originally Posted by johnday View Post oughta see my email spam. I swear, when I was younger, I wish I'd been this popular with the Russian, Asian, and hot women in my neighborhood, as I am now!
I get the ones posing as Amazon, and even Paypal.
Oh yeah!!!! Don't forget all the reward crap Amazon, Walgreens, and especially MALLWART!!!. Like I'd ever grace a mallwart parking lot.
21+ years of email and I've never had that problem. This because I have multiple, task specific email accounts and I use them accordingly to organize communications (ex: friends/family, ebay, forums+ecommerce, investments/business, the risky/"scum"/anyone/don't care account, etc). The risky email acct is great because that's where all the shit ends up, it works like a septic tank for e-waste and it's cleaned with the same love as any clogged septic system.
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