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Default Re: 145k + FRF Members...

Originally Posted by camodown View Post
Forums die, that's what happens. Especially when you have a vehicle platform that is dead with little aftermarket support and mainly used as daily beaters at this point. There have been numerous ranger forums before this one that peaked then died but now instead of another forum popping up it has moved to Facebook groups.
I guess, I've been FB free for 4 years now ever since I fully read there TOS so I wouldnt know too much about those groups.

and I partially agree with everything you said about the platform, although Ford really only killed the platform here in the States, Everywhere else its been an ongoing platform and with some fairly decent support from many Australian & South African companies. I mean ARB doesn't just make random parts for any platform.

My speculation with that is Ford probably wanted to boost F150 sales and killed off the ranger here in the States to do so. I think in 2013-14, I cant recall the year but I was with/for Nissan at the time.

Ford sold over 975,000+ F150's that particular year and the Nissan Titan? Well it barely made up the line that separated them from the next manufacturer..!

just surprised too at with the amount of Rangers on the road, even the vendors who have made parts no longer are making parts.. that I find irritating.

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