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Default Re: This place is dead,,,,

So back to reality.. lol

So I remember when I first signed up here I do remember there being more of a MOD presence. So has anyone contacted or attempted to reach any of the MODS current or of past..? Seems like a roundup is in order and I'd hope with Tom making the occasional secret check in that if whom hes left to deal with things isnt performing their duties, its time for a change of command in that level, as far as MODS go anyhow, No offense. I would think that if you're a MOD, activism would be a key element in maintaining or holding such a title and duty. If not, lifes become more challenging and or the lack of interest thereof.. maybe its time you past on the torch to someone eager to do what they once did.

And the rest of us should focus on keeping things active, which I know is hard to do considering the Platform has been on ICE since 2011-12. Perhaps bringing forth/discovery of as much new information on the new one supposedly hitting in what late 2017/early 2018 [?] could be highlighted for some reactivism?

Maybe dedicate a section similar to the N/E/S/W chapters dedicated to trail heads, camping, backroads, overlanding expeditions so people can find new places to travel or test their skills and set new challenges?

I'm sure if I sat down long enough to put it all into words with a few other great minds on here we could light a fire under the ass of this site and with current/New MODS in place put those plans of action to work by implementing them where and as needed.

just my $ .02

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