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Default Re: What did you do to your ranger today thread IV

Originally Posted by DarthR8er View Post
He mentioned that all it requires is power and some fuse. Afterwards, I do a few circles on a parking lot for the compass to calibrate.

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There's a ton of shops that do all types of installations, so prices are very reasonable. Hopefully Trump doesn't go through with his mass deportation or else the prices on gonna skyrocket on everything.

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We have no shops like that around here. It would cost me over 300 bucks to get that mirror installed. I got an estimate of $475 dollars to get 4 KYB shocks installed on my truck. Can you imagine. I did it myself for $110 after rebate. How hard is it to change 4 shocks especially if you have all the tools, right angle air rachets and a lift. Up here you learn to fix them yourself or go broke.

Then again, no border jumpers up here, except Canadians coming down for better health care. LOL.
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