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Originally Posted by EaOutlaw1969 View Post

Yeah I need to get a mechanics stethoscope to be more accurate, however I was able to pin point the noises from each bad part using the screwdriver.

Yeas the intake has swirl flaps in in, however the intake is new and just installed and verified the new flaps have zero play in them.

When listening for noises I get no noise from the intake, it seems to be loudest at the block and or timing cover.

This morning I did run the truck and waited for the noise to appear and turned the wheel all the way each direction and the noise did not change at all.

I am confident the Power steering pump is working properly and is not making any noise other than what it should make when the pressure is loaded up at full lock.

My back has not felt good enough to jack the truck up to remove the old sending unit to see what thread it is.

The engine has Motorcraft semi synthetic 5w20 with a K&n filter

I was looking at Alldata this morning to double check the TSB in hopes of
Confirming I was using the correct oil.

However I really didn't find the information on the 2002 2.3 Duratec covered in the TSB specifically.

My neck and back has been hurting pretty bad today so When I feel better I will try and look into what oil for sure should be in this engine.

For some reason when I purchased the oil I used I am pretty sure I found documentation stating to use this oil but now I am doubting myself and need to double check.
Try running it up to normal operating temp put in one cup of atf in your oil.go for a drive 15 to 20 miles. Then change your oil. But this is only good for valve noise
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