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Default Re: My 2002 Ranger 2.3 DOHC is kicking my butt

Originally Posted by Grumpa View Post
Does the sound change if you turn the A/C comp on and off? How about when the P/S is under load by turning wheels back and forth?
The AC does not seem to effect the noise, I did not try and load the engine down with the PS but I have thought about it.

Perhaps tomorrow that is what I will check next

When going around the engine using along screw drive trying to pin point the noise I didn't think the noise was coming from the Power steering pump area. It sounds much lower but who know anything is worth checking at this point.

Thanks for the thought and reminder to recheck the PS pump.

I was almost willing just to install a new pump if only to cross it off the list.
2002 Ford Ranger 2 Dr Standard cab 2.3 5 SPD 7.5 373 gears
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