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Default Re: My 2002 Ranger 2.3 DOHC is kicking my butt

Here is a video I took this morning that shows the truck running from cold start to operating temperature.

During this video you can hear the engine go from quiet while cold to noisy when warm.

also i disconnect the belt to show how the noise goes away and comes back once I reinstall it.

Common sense tells me the problem should be one of the few items I havenot replaced yet, which is the power steering pump, the AC compressor Clutch bearing, or the Harmonic balancer. yet I have to wonder if the timing chain or connecting rods would act different without a load from the serpentine belt

I have watched this video fast forwarding to the point where I have the belt off then back on and I will say the noise is much different or noticeable in person than watching on my iPad or PC.

I think the noise when it came back after reinstalling the belt did not seem as loud as it was when I just let it run until it was warmed up.

This being said makes me think there may be debris or oil sludge in the pan getting sucked up in the oil pick up tube. once it gets shut off the debris falls back to the bottom of the pan.

I guess it is another reason to go ahead and install a real oil pressure test gauge.
2002 Ford Ranger 2 Dr Standard cab 2.3 5 SPD 7.5 373 gears

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