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Default Is there a repair kit for this exhaust problem

There is an obvious exhaust leak on my friends 99 and my sons 02 in about the same spot. Both are 3.0 V6

There is a union between the last cat and the exhaust back, looks like it was 2 flanges, 2 screws and 2 springs. The springs are rotted along with the flanges, looks like the pipes are actually holding up but the connector is completely toast.

I know they offer a 2 piece flange for hooking the pipe to the exhaust manifold, I have used them before though never on a ranger.

I'll take a pic if I need to tomorrow but I'm hoping someone can tell by the description what I am talking about. Impossible to put a stock one on, it was on the pipe before it was welded to the cat and the exit pipe.

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