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Default Re: 3.0 to 5.0 in a 98 XLT 4wd

Originally Posted by allyncooper View Post
Thx for the info Kealel. Would you happen to know what the number of that tranny would be? Also you say it bolts up to the 5.0, so it would be the clutch assembly too? Do things mate up to the driveshaft?

Getting another tranny wouldn't pain me, since the plastic slave cylinder is the weak spot in the Ranger manual (already had it replaced once), and I have a syncro in 4th starting to fail.
I believe the tranny is a M5OD-R2 - basically a beefier version of what our trucks have.

I don't have the list with me atm, but I believe it uses a 5.0 F150 clutch kit and the same slave/master that our trucks have.

Not sure what you need to do for the driveshaft, never thought about that to research, but it may be worthwhile to have a custom one built anyways.
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The only reason it's worn out junk is because you've gone 70k miles without changing the oil.
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