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Post Re: 3.0 to 5.0 in a 98 XLT 4wd

Originally Posted by allyncooper View Post
Read thru the threads and did a search, but still confused on the 5.0 swap.
I have a 1998 XLT 4wd 3.0 manual. What would be the best/easiest installation putting in a 5.0? The 3.0 is still running strong - never had one issue with it. But at 180,xxx I want to look at my options for replacement if and when the day comes. I also pull a small off road camper trailer, more power would be welcome.
NOTE: I went to the live axles in the front when I rebuilt the front end, and I did the Expo 8.8 rear axle swap, so it's beefed up for the 5.0. I would like to keep it a manual. TIA
The "manual" part is gonna be the hard part, as there were no manual 5.0L Explorers built TBOMK.

You will want to find a 98-01 Explorer so all the electronics talk to each other as needed & you get the GT40P heads on them.

Post progress with pics when you start/do it............

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