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Default New Owner and Crash survivor

Well I'm the new owner of a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT. I've got the 4x4 v6 3L version with the single cab. It's my first truck and I love it so far. I work on old motorcycles so will be using it to move bikes and parts, picking up junk from estate sales and doing some camping as soon as the weather lets up a little.

Now for the bad part - I live in MA and was running some errands yesterday in the blizzard we had. I was going ~35mph on the highway and all of a sudden lost traction in the rear and spun out. Ended up doing a 180 and hit the right guard rail with the left front of the truck. Nobody else around and no injuries or anything.
All in all it's not so bad. The bumper took the brunt of the impact. Left turn signal is smashed up and the horn got crushed by the metal assembly holding the left turn signal in.

Bringing it to the shop this weekend. I'm going to see if they can bend the metal back there and replace the horn (already got a used replacement from ebay for $20) and get it so my new turn signal (also ebay for $35) can just be bolted back in. Hopefully not too bad.

Theres a funny electrical thing happening now I'll post in another section but I do have a question about the 4x4. I got the truck home and had the nose in my garage to get the bumpber off so I could drive it. After about an hour some snow had accumulated and so I tried to back it out with the 4wd engaged (it had been engaged since I crashed). The truck wasn't getting traction and the right rear wheel was spinning but NOT the left. I thought this was wierd to so put it in 2wd and rocked it back and forward a bit with the same behavior of the right rear wheel spinning but not the left. Then I put it in 4wd, heard it clunk in after some more rocking, and it IMMEDIATELY was able to climb over whatever snow I wanted.

I bought the truck from a used dealer who had gave a vague cautioning about making sure the 4x4 was enguaged but now I'm thinking that it hadn't been engaged when I spun out. I also found it strange that in 2wd only the right rear wheel would spin. I've been getting 14-17mpg in the dry weather using the 2wd the highest being all highway crusing at ~60. This seemed a little low to me I would expect at highway crusing the truck should get ~20mpg.

Sorry for the long post!
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