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Default Re: Stay in the Ranger...or get an F-150

Originally Posted by go_home_red View Post
I prefer to touch all of the topics. :-)

I think we've had our about 5 years now--we bought it with 45K miles, as it was just too much to pass up the miles for the price.

The renix system seems okay enough, but everything is just too old. The connectors are brittle, the wire splices are a joke, and I think the old couple who owned the XJ before us just let it sit for a good long while before we bought it. Eh. I like my well-maintained junk.
I bought mine from a college age kid who was given it by his grandma, He didn't maintain a thing on it. and I've had to replace/repair just about everything on it, and its still only kinda reliably, but I was also taking it to a shop that did poor work, and charged an arm and a leg for it. so I started doing my own work, still poor work, but it at least cost me less money.

It had obviously been towed (based on the tow bars welded in the front). I have lots of videos of mine, just posted one this weekend, link to my youtube is in my sig.

My biggest issue with the renix has been diagnosing issues. Have you seen Nick in time's R.E.M (renix engine monitor) that he's created? if not, he's preparing to sell a bunch more of his latest version. check out his facebook (I would link it but I cannot access facebook at work). Nick in time Films, youtube as well. He'll post a link on facebook when he lists them for sale.
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