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Default Re: Stay in the Ranger...or get an F-150

Originally Posted by go_home_red View Post

Not to go political, but I won't be buying any more GM or Chrysler vehicles after they were bailed out. It won't make any difference to them, but that bothered me. Of course, it's going to happen again, and it will probably include Ford the next time...after all, people are so good at learning from their mistakes. :-(

White '89 Cherokee Pioneer. Charming car. Primitive, but I'll always have a soft spot for XJ's. wife loves it. How many guys have a wife who actually likes a car that's almost 30 years old?
actually ford did get money, same time as chevy and crysler, just from a different fund (instead of TARP it was TALF). so its just as guilty as the rest for taking tax payer dollars.

my wife hates my XJ. its too hard for her to get in and out of, too hard to get the kids in and out of. It only has a 3.5" lift and 31" tires. There is no way I'm going to go any bigger any time soon. its too noisy, too hot and costs way too much money.
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