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I disagree respectfully of course, strictly from past experiences, I've never known anyone to have good luck with the 3.0 but never to be original owners of the trucks either, so maybe you could chock it up to previous owners abusing the engine.. but, like myself, I've never known anyone to have BAD luck with the 4.0, again, maybe they were just beaten on less.

New England drivers are notoriously rough drivers, tend to gun it off stop signs and the green lights, maybe he larger 4.0 required less abuse to satisfy previous owners need for speed..

given he choice between the two, I'd go with the solid 4.0 from the years 04+, great trucks, mine for example has 190, a buddy (the guy who turned me into looking at he rangers and ultimately the reason I bought one) just dumped his with 230k+ on he odo p, my uncle about 2 years ago scrapped his exploder with the 4.0 with around the same mileage (230) me my buddy and my uncle are ridiculously good to our vehicles

Either way, domestic vehicles are like our women, the better you are to her, the better she is to you.

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