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Default Re: FRF Watercooler / BS Thread 2016 (V2.0)

Originally Posted by horizon94 View Post
Acorns > hail in terms of damage to steel Camaro hood

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Actually I lied, it is an aluminum hood haha


Originally Posted by RoberticusMaximus View Post
for the same reason, i'm thinking that would make a great bumper sticker lol


i've indeed seen hail that 'smooshes' on impct lol!


baseball sized hail with 50+mph winds driving it home this was in nebraska several years back. i think this same storm system did similar in kansas and oklahoma if that was the same year im thinking about. in purcell oklahoma, it was so bad that the ford dealership there was selling brand new $60k superduties for $40k.

Fuck that's crazy
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