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Originally Posted by SpitfireEMT View Post
Is anyone able to verify that the fenders, header panel, and bumpers are interchangeable between a 2000 ranger and a 2001 ranger? I really like the look of the 2001~2006 front end
Bumpers are all interchangeable(98+ swap for 98+)

Fenders are all the same, only difference is if the fender has 'wheel lip moldings' aka flares(01-05 w/ flare, 06+ w/ flare....holes are different)

For a 98-00 to have a 01-03 front end, you'd need the following for an 01-03: header panel, grille(either honey comb style or bar style), headlights, cornerlights, headlight retainer sliders, misc screws and j-nuts.

For an 98-00 or 01-03 to have an 04+ front end, you'd need the following for an 04+: header panel, hood, left hood hindge, hood latch, headlights, cornerlights, headlight retainers, misc screws and jnuts(most of which 01-03 already have). Also need to choose a grille...04-05 there's 5 different grilles, 06+ there's 3 different grilles.
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