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Default Re: The Offical Vent Thread.

Originally Posted by SPless View Post
Yep, and I'm sick and tired of hearing people say that I'm racist because I support the rebel flag. Some people just want to stay true to their southern heritage. If you don't like it, don't try to tell me what I am and what I ain't and get over it
It doesn't mean you are racist and I never said you were. It really goes more along the lines of wanting to leave the union than anything else. Also, another thing I never understood was what exactly Southern Heritage is. I have family in the south and most of the things they do or believe in is the same as just about anywhere else in the US. They eat more of certain foods like crawfish but as far as actions go there is no difference. Even without the negative connotations people don't go waving around the Betty Ross flag because there is no point. We are not 13 colonies today and it makes it seem that you are not willing to accept the other states as part of your nation. Some states, such as Alaska, still have portions of their population who don't want to be part of the US and there are a lot of people who feel their state or people from their part of the country are better than others.


Originally Posted by Clinton View Post
kinda goes along the lines of certain tattoos, or tattoos in general. People think I am a biker and I even had a lady give me her husbands card, he was a preacher that reforms bikers LOL. Pretty funny because she had no idea what I did for a living...I just let her go
What kind of tattoo's do you have? I can never think of that many things I would want to get a tattoo of but there are so many that are just bad ass. We should start a "Post pics of your tattoo's thread".
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