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Originally Posted by Undrstm8ed View Post

Aint that the truth..

All depends on use whether off road or not. Trophy Trucks are the highest class of off-road racing vehicles. Designed with the sole purpose of moving as fast as possible over off-road terrain.. you WONT find anyone winning in a 4x4 there.

Purposely burying a 4x4 in mud to say you went "wheel'N" isn't off-roading either. IMO

I have to stand by his mentality and views even though I admit I want a 4x4 chassis to swap my bed and cab onto. I've been places quite a few 4x4 owners have had to put there stuff into 4x4 low or turn on lockers to get IN MY 2wd, a driver can make a huge difference too, Ive see guys who couldn't pick a line if Google maps did it for them.

5). THE driver - Driver error/skill set can account for a lot

Hence, 4.0L, manual trans, 2WD, No snorkel, 2" lift, 2" body lift, 3.73 open diff, sitting on 33's.. 70 yards of 28" deep slow moving water (most of the way, it gets deeper..) My well equipped, lifted, 4x4, auto, Toyota 4Runner overlanding partner didn't make it 25 yards in and we ALL know of the bragging rights Toy and Yota owners like to claim and bask in their own light... -1 Toyota

Video Link:
Video Link:

6). 4x4 will not help you to STOP in snow, gravel, mud, ice, or on slick rock

I think the argument here has become one of whose more capable according to stock or modified, their conditions and environments. Lets face it we can change all the variables to fit the arguments, myself included.

Those of us arguing one point may be valid in the conditions set before them because they are rock crawling, sand, mudding, or just two-tracking it down some fire trails/back roads.
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