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Default Re: Confused About Rear Lift Blocks

That was the problem, I never really found solid answers on why not to use them. Most of the posts were vague and just said they were bad or not to use them. If anything, I saw a couple post saying they can/will cause axle wrap. If I go with blocks I'll just be doing a single 2.5" block on each side. No stacking, nothing larger. Just something to match to the 2.5" on the front.

I have considered the Deaver Leafs. The only thing that concerns me is they say not to be used for hauling or towing. I don't do a ton of hauling or towing (it is only a 2.3 after all), but I do a little of both. I don't know what the reason or the "limit" is for either. I just don't want to limit the capabilities of using the truck to do normal stuff, or to wear out the springs prematurely. I guess that's another question - is this really a concern or am I overthinking it?

Alternatively, I was also originally considering running the 6400 shackles (and still haven't ruled it out completely. I'm lifting the front 2.5" and would like to lift the rear an equal 2.5". Unlike most, I like the natural front to rear rake of trucks. In turn that means I want to lift the front and rear an equal amount to retain the original rake. I read that the 6400 advertise a 2" lift for us Ranger folks, but realistically net less than that due to the leaf spring extending further back. I think it was more like a 1.5" lift or something, right? That would still leave me lacking about an inch in the rear.

What is the major cause of axle wrap?
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