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Arrow Confused About Rear Lift Blocks

Alright guys, I know lifts and the blocks have been talked about a lot on here. But I couldn't find an answer for my question with searching around. I'm sure it's here, I just didn't see it. I do promise you that I looked for it before posting though.

Basically, I just want to know what the deal is with the rear blocks - are they good or bad? I have an '07 XL 2wd, so it is coil sprung. I've been reading about lifts while I decide which route I eventually want to take. Originally when I started looking into it I saw a lot of talk about swapping in the OEM Ford 'lift blocks' out of a fx4 into the 2wd. My understanding is that the 2wd doesn't have any from the factory where as the 4x4 packages do. From my understanding trucks up to '08 had a 2.5" block and above '08 had a 1.5" block. I know I would need to get the appropriate length U-bolts to go with the block of choice, which is no big deal. But once I got back on here and started brushing up on the rear end again I've read nothing but the rear blocks are bad and to use pretty much any other method. So what's the deal with that? Are the Fx4 blocks still a viable option or do I need to look into other options. I'm looking for about a 2.5" lift in the rear, and I thought the block was going to be the perfect answer. But now I'm starting to fear I might need to find another option. From what I've read the Belltech 6400 are claimed at 2" but really net about 1.5" in real world lift. I want to do this once, and I want to do this right. That's why I've been taking my time to do the research, and that's why I'm here to ask the experts. Again, I know anything lifts have been beaten to death on here, and I fear I have just missed the answer. But since I have been searching for the answer, please spare me.
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