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Default Re: My Custom LED Modded 3rd Brake Lights (KY)

Long time no bump!!

I've been refining my design a bit (to make it a little easier to put them together, but the light output is still stupid bright) and I'm nearly finished with a new batch of Ranger Cargo, Ranger All Red & a VERY limited number of Super Duty models.

These are based on my 2016 "brightest in the world" model with a few minor changes... you probably won't even notice the changes & they'll be hidden once you install it anyhow

I have plans to put a couple of these on evilBay but they will be a bit more expensive there to help cover the fees, but all my Ranger friends will get the best deals on them

Cargo light versions $95+sh
All red versions $90+sh
Super Duty versions $TBD
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