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Default Re: Dome light and 12V power port always on, truck starts without key

Thanks guys! Apparently the dome light is controlled by the dimmer switch on the dash. Is it controlled at all by the door? I couldn't get the dome light to respond to anything but the ignition being turned and the dimmer switch being turned all the way up.

Finally, the headlights are entirely controlled by the switch on the dash - they don't go off when the ignition is turned off. Is that expected behavior?

In both of these instances I was expecting the same behavior is saw in my previous vehicles, older and newer than this 1999 truck such as: dome light goes on when the door is opened, stays on until the car starts, then goes off to drive, and the headlights turn off when the key is off unless overridden.
1999 Mazda B2500 2WD
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