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Default Re: FRF Watercooler / BS Thread 2016 (V2.0)

I'm awake....but barely. Wife's already in bed. I'm probably going to go pay some bills here in a bit drink a beer and kill some people on my computer for a bit and then hit the sack. Got a bunch of shit I want to do tomorrow. Going to try and finish up my trailer, do some yard work, rewire some stuff on the truck, maybe go junkyard hunting and aquire a new pigtail for my door lock switch. Mines stupid, one wire keeps coming loose, I've tried repinning it, but the connector is just worn out. Past that I need to empty out my gun safe and clean all my guns and reorganize it. Miiiiight try and look at my neighbors car here too and see if I can get some work out of it for Sunday.

If I feel frosty, I might give my dogs a bath. That's an ass kicker though.
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