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Default Re: Yard critters, what ya have?

White tail deer (island is over run with them, 1400' acres, population estimated at 800, more like 1000. Can't have any tulips or other certain plants the deer like). And coyote (believed to be introduced by the state to control deer population, themselves illegally introduced in the early 80's). Plenty of raccoons, fox squirrels (starting to mutate with black bellies), red fox (less now, since in 1965 the 4H camp released 4 captive raccoons at the end of the summer, and they compete with fox for food), bald eagles (1 nest for sure on the island), great blue herons, plenty of cormorants, black rat snakes, fox snakes, hog nosed snakes, garter snakes, blue racers and Lake Erie water snakes (formerly endangered species, now threatened).

Plenty of gulls (black wings migrate through in spring and fall, and are relatively uncommon throughout the summer, but more common in winter), Caspian terns, Bonaparte gulls, red breasted mergansers, golden eye, mallards, black ducks, wood ducks (most colorful and fairly rare here) and various migrating warblers during the spring and fall.
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