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Default Re: Duratec pinging like crazy...

Originally Posted by tomw0 View Post
Burning 89 or 93 will not add anything to the way the engine operates, and will not be 'cleaner'. The fuel actually has less tendency to ignite, can stand a bit more 'compression' generated temperature rise before auto-ignition. It is the 'self-igniting' fuels that knock. The lower octane ratings will self-ignite before the higher, so the higher are less likely to burn, more or less.
If you do not have pinging on 87, it is burning excess $C to use higher octane fuel. If you had a turbo then the higher might pay off. Older Mustangs had a switch and so did some imported vehicles, that indicated a lower octane was in the tank, and the timing and boost would be dialed back a bit, producing less hp/torque than the max it could.
Your choice.
For the record GoldieRanger, I 100% concur with tom here- 87 isnt any more dirty or weak or bad- its just easier to make go boom and so less resistant to ping. You might consider trying a half-tank to see..

**EDIT** Missed these two responses:
Originally Posted by tomw0 View Post
GSF.. check HF for a trans jack. They had one in the $50-60 range that was operated with a 1/2" drive ratchet. Some would use an impact wrench, but I don't think it will stand the force. Slow and easy... I used it for a A4LD in an 4.0 Aerostar, and it worked pretty well. I did have to 'lean' the transmission to even out the load on the scissors. If I had used the impact, I would not have known one side was binding, FWIW.
I have used floor jacks, but you need two things: 1)reach and 2)extra hands to hold the trans onto the support.
Originally Posted by Tyler46 View Post
This ^

I got a decent HF trans Jack for 100 bucks and have used it on like 10 transmission installs. Best 100 dollars I've ever spent. It was better and more expensive than the cheaper one but the added strength helps when it comes to HF, lol
Thanks guys- I had plans to make a saddle but Ill go check out Harbor Freight. Ive had mixed luck with tools there, but my floor jack is from there and has been great.
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