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Default Re: Yard critters, what ya have?

I guess I'll add to the list for around me then.
Cougars, yes, tan ones, and black ones, I've seen both.
The DNR, and the local "woodsmen", deny it, but we have a few wolves hanging around as well. I'm well aware of what a wolf looks like, I studied them as a layman for years. Up at the north end of the Mackinac Bridge, there is a rest area on the north bound side. They have a "black wolf" taxidermied, identical to the few I've seen in the UP, and the ones I've seen more locally.
Then the porcupines, 'coons, 'possums, bobcat, turkeys, loons, canada geese, sandhill cranes, and the list goes on and on.
Oh, and the raptors, the feathered kind, and assortment of owls.
On the 4th of July week, and Labor day week, we get a lot of animals from downstate as well. Luckily they return to their houses under the rocks and logs downstate after a couple days. Those are the worse.

How about photos guys?
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