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Default Re: Body Lift 3 Tech Info Extravaganza

no problem man. I end ed up using alot of tools I never thought I was going to have to use lol. Some funky drywall crow bar thing that ended up holding the bushings from spinning better than absolutely anything I tried. I didnt want to heat mine because I had em soaked and wet with pb blaster so it def would have caught on fire lol. If i had it to do over again I would have just soaked em days before like I did, bt then the day of I would have started with the heat instead of pb blaster because once I put it on, I didnt have the time to let it dry to try n heat u know with worry of it catching on fire. Also alot of scrap pieces of wood helped to get the body as high as I needed. I evem have a big jack, like a 3.5 ton with like a 25 inch arm n I still needed alil extra boost up. Also had to do alil improvising when I did the radiator, tieing lines out of the way when I was finished,gas neck filler because I made my own, etc. Just take your time and double n triple check everything.
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