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Default Re: Indian kid name joke

Originally Posted by Jaybones View Post
So this young Indian brave goes to the tribe's elder, a medicine man, and asks
"Grandfather, how do people get their names?"
Medicine man says "Well, usually when they're born, their parents name them from the first thing they see."
Kid says "Oh, I guess that makes sense. I always wondered that."
Medicine man says "Happy to help. Do you have any other questions, Two Dogs Fucking?"
I'm old skool so I love good jokes (funny ones that is) of all kinds. But I do wonder, didn't your school, college or employer(s) subject/bore/torment you with minority/sensitivity/queerpeople education and training?

*I suggest you consider investing in these, they should provide you with some real, good 'ol fashioned diversity training and education. Back when we used to have fun with the subject here in America.
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