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Default Golf joke

Tom's an avid golfer, and asks his wife to drop him at the local course one Saturday morning. He walks into the pro shop and says he wants to play a round but doesn't have anyone to play with.

The pro shop manager says "Well Tom, you're in luck. There's a lady about to tee off, and she's along too. Might ask to play with her."

So Tom rushes out to the first tee, and finds a woman there by herself getting ready to play. Tom goes over, introduces himself and asks if she wouldn't mine letting him play with her.

She says "My name's Mary, and I'd love the company."

So, they play. Along the way they're laughing, joking, getting along well together, really hitting it off. When they get to the 17th hole, she says "You know Tom, I think you're a really nice guy. I was wondering if you like to go into the woods and I'll give you a blow job?"

Tom readily agrees (what man wouldn't), gets his BJ and they finish the round. Mary says she had more fun than she's had in a long time, and would he like to play again next Saturday. Tom agrees.

This starts a pattern, golf every Saturday, 17th tee oral, on and on. One day, Mary says "Tom. I have something to tell you."

Tom's worried that his wife has found them out, and he asks what it is. Mary says "Well, I'm really a man."

Tom is incredulous, says "A MAN!! All this time? YOU'VE BEEN A MAN, NOT TOLD ME? AND YOU'VE BEEN HITTING FROM THE WOMEN'S TEE?"
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