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Default Re: The Offical Vent Thread.

I hate my job. I only got five hours this week. They give more ours to this kiss ass who cant do half the shit in 4 hours as I can in 30minutes. My moms been threatening moving into a one room place cause she cant stand living with my 17 yearold bitch of a sister. By doing this I would also be getting kicked out and I cant afford to live on my own while im going to school. Girlfriends having issues with my sister and I always have to deal with it. I hate the bitch that runs my appartments. I hate the bitch that runs the gym at school cause she sign me out when I use the bathroom for one minute making me twenty minutes late for class. I hate how I only need one more class to graduate and its science. I suck at science.

long story short. Work sucks, Family problems, schools stressing me out.


Oh and I've been doing really bad on cod lately and don't know why.
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