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Default Re: The Offical Vent Thread.

Originally Posted by SkyYYZ View Post
throw it in a ziplock in the freezer overnight. hook it back up again tomorrow and retrieve whatever it gives you time to. old trick but still applies to today's failed drives... better if you can slave it to another computer's external hdd enclosure. grab pics and docs quick while it lasts... and throw it back in the deep freeze if you didn't have time to grab it all. Go for the most important stuff first then the nice-to-have's if you did'nt BACK UP lol
No its got mechanical problems with other issues, either rebuild it (LOL) or get a new one, i got all the info off already, we also tried the boot and nuke, which erases everything off it, its was completely done for, and thats why you dont run vista on your computer lol
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