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Default Re: The Offical Vent Thread.

It is half a day into the Anniversary of John Lennons death, and I can honestly say that I could give a shit if the guy is dead. The only reason I am writing this is beacuse no matter where I look, every media outlet is puking blood over it. ITs not like the ******* was the President or some spectacular world leader. He, in all reality, was the precursor to Bono, whom I also think needs to shut up and sing his songs. We all came to see your concert, not hear about the war in such and such place. We have CNN for that, dickie. John lennon was just a drug-addled rock star whose ego couldnt be contained within the confines of his own head. He couldnt change the world if he tried nor could he or Yoko sing for shit. For me, John Lennon is on par with Jim Morisson, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, etc. People claim they're so great, but what did they really do? I mean, Im not slamming the Beatles, but slamming the fact that I cant take a s*^t without hearing oubt this dingleberry.

The End


What did he really do? Just riddle me that. Sign a nuclear arms policy? Raise public awareness about child abuse? Hell, did let anyone know that Timmy fell in the fucking well again? Atleast Lassie did that
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