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Default Re: Project: Rubeo Bestia- Latin for little red beast

Yesterday my Dad and I did a conversion on the rear brakes from drum to disk. They are basically 93 Cobra brakes or 87-89 Turbo Coupe brakes(I'll have to double check on the years for the Turbo Coupe). On the How-to thread it says to use 94-04, which we didn't do since dad's was a 93. Only difference for those is bigger brake size and 94-04 is a 5 lug, compared to the 4 lug. So the rotors I have were converted to a 5 lug at one point since my dad did a 93 conversion on his Mustang.

Judging by the thread, we did things a little different. One thing that we did was that we had to machine the axles since they wouldn't fit in the rotor hat. Another thing we did was that instead of cutting the caliper bracket, we bolted it on. So you can do the project without cutting it and losing strength with the piece. You'll have to take apart the diff some though of course, which would make it a good time to check everything back there anyways like the bearings and seals.

I'll make a more complete write up of this when the project is done since we have to wait on a part but I'll upload the photos I have now. Can't wait to try these out.

Only thing we've really ran into is figuring out what to do about the master cylinder since there isn't much of a clear cut answer on if I should have a proportioning valve or not and figuring out the e-brake line

Project log
99 Ford Ranger XLT Sport 3.0L
Autobot name:Rubeo Bestia(latin for little red beast)
135 amp alternator, 4.0 air intake tube, air box mod, 235/75-15 Hankook Dynapro, 01-03 conversion, buggman LEDs, throttle cable mod
I take photos for fun

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