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Default Re: 2 blondes fishing

Good one!

Here's another one:

Its this rookie cops first day, and he's riding around in the squad car doing traffic patrol. His training officer says "You see that little red sports car that drove by?"

Rookie says "Yeah, with the blonde driving?"

Officer says "Yeah, that one. I want you to pull her over."

Rookie says "Why? She hasn't done anything..."

Officer says "Trust me, just do it. And when you walk up to the car, unzip your pants and pull you c0ck out."

Rookie says "Are you serious? I can't do that! I'd commit a crime for pulling her over without cause, and a crime for exposure. I'd lose my job and get arrested in the same day!"

Officer says "Trust me, son. I'm your training officer, I wouldn't steer you wrong."

So the rookie turns the lights on and pulls her over, walks up to the car and unzips his pants.

Blonde says "Not another breathalyzer!"
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