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Default Re: Project: Rubeo Bestia- Latin for little red beast

Quick and needed update: ordered some LEDs from buggman a few days ago and waiting to have the time to open up the dash to install them. Planning on putting some red translucent paint on the gauges and hvac. Also started sanding down my brush guard, getting rid of the rust and roughing it up for spray paint. Going with a matte black to match the rest of the trim and the new grill.

Cant wait to install the LEDs so I can see my cluster! lol. I also got my brake booster and master cylinder in. I'm thinking the booster is going out and since I'm doing a brake conversion, needed to get a new master cylinder from a Explorer.

Project log
99 Ford Ranger XLT Sport 3.0L
Autobot name:Rubeo Bestia(latin for little red beast)
135 amp alternator, 4.0 air intake tube, air box mod, 235/75-15 Hankook Dynapro, 01-03 conversion, buggman LEDs, throttle cable mod
I take photos for fun
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