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Default Retiring moyal joke

So this moyal (guy who performs ritual circumcisions of Jewish boys) is retiring after a life time of work. He's taken every fore skin he's ever snipped home and dropped them into jars filled with preservative.

He decides we wants them made into something to remember his lifetime of service, so he goes to a leather worker. Gives him the many large jars, and says he wants something special and explains what he was and what they are.

The leather worker says he'll make him something really nice.

A week goes by and the leather worker calls the moyal to his shop. Presents him with a wallet, with the Star of David embossed on it.

The moyal says "That's it? I gave you 40 years worth of foreskins and all you made was a lousy wallet?"

Leather worker says "Its not just a wallet. If you rub it a little it becomes a brief case, rub it more and it becomes a suitcase."
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