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Default Re: 1996 2.3 Engine Bucking under load

Most times, clutch slippage can be detected by driving ~45 mph, in 4th gear, and flooring the gas pedal. If the clutch is slipping, the rpms will increase faster than the truck velocity will increase, i.e., the engine revs but the truck doesn't seem to be accelerating.
It does not show up as 'bucking', if we are using the word the same way, as in jerking back and forth as if the engine were shut off for a fraction of a second, and then turned back on.
Inside the MAF sensor are two very thin wires inside a protective cover. To see them, you have to remove the cover. The wires are very thin and fragile, and just a tiny bit of schmutz will make the MAF erratic and cause engine hesitation and jerking upon acceleration. The rest of the MAF may look clean as a whistle, but you have to see the wires clearly to know if the MAF is 'dirty'.
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