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Default Re: 1996 2.3 Engine Bucking under load

Originally Posted by tomw0 View Post
The only way a clutch could cause 'bucking' is if it were slipping and grabbing in a very quick manner. Not a likely scenario as a clutch that slips will continue to slip until you either ease off on the gas pedal to let it 'catch up', or you shift gears, either up or down, and re-engage. Then it may slip all over again...
I either Downshift or let off the Throttle when bucking occurs and the bucking seemingly goes away. From what you described it sounds like it could be the Clutch.

I haven't done a whole lot with the MAFS since I can obviously see that there's no dirt on it. Is there something that I can't see that would be causing this issue?

I haven't given the EGR test a test drive yet because of the 1ft of snow and ice outside(my truck is not 4wd) but that will be my next test before I take Rick into the shop.
1996 Ford Ranger 2.3Liter Inline 4 cylinder 8 Spark 5spd Manual Transmission 227,486 Miles
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