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Exclamation Bag it!!!

Originally Posted by fodaddy19 View Post
Kinda defeats the purpose of getting a truck in the first place doesn't it? When you lower it, your load capacity will be dramatically reduced. You won't be able to tow much either.
Not Really.

Unless your purpose for getting a truck is , hauling and towing.

But at the same time there are ways of getting super low and still having great load capacity and hauling capabilities.


No body in here mentioned BAGS yet.

You can get a clean simple Bag set up done for anywhere from $1000-$2000

Unless you want to go with a cheesy Bolt on kit with a Bolt on notch and link mounts.

But I'm all about Custom Fabrication.

I have a 92 Single cab

On I Beams, which kinda sucks for air bags, but whatever.

Ideally to get Really low with an I beam Truck

You woulod want to cut off the frame from the firewall forward and clip it with a Toyota Sub Frame, or build a custom tubular frame with Mustang II IFS up front.

I have A custom bag set up on the I Beams, which is cool.


I have the rear 4 linked and bagged, and the front cant get as low as the rear when it's all the way aired out, cuz the Beames cross undr the oil pan and only let you go so low.

So all the way aired out, the front sits up higher than the rear.

I'm tuckin lug nutz in the rear, not so much up front.

How do I even out the stance???


I'm channelling the frame and raising the floor a bit.

I pulled everything off, the bed, doors, hood and fenders, soon the cab.

I'm putiing a peice of 2x3 box tube inside my frame under the cab.

Welding it in to the inside of the bottom of the frame.

Cutting off a few inches off the top of the frame, down to the top of the 2x3 tubing.

Then plating everything in and boxing the frame.

Relocating body mounts.

Bulding a custom core suport up front.

Completely cutting out the floor in the cab and bulding a frame for the floor out of 1x1 square tubing wich I will plug weld sheet metal to.

I will need to cut and notch the firewall, and build a new tranny and driveshaft tunnel in the floor.

Possibly shorten the pedal assembly and mess with linkages and steering components on the engine side of the firewall.

The engine will stick up past the hood, so a cowl hood or other custom style hood will be needed for engine clearance.

Once the cab is done and locked down on the frame, it's time for the bed.

All the inside sheetmetal goes.

And a 1x1 frame is built to hold the bedsides and tailgate skin

as well as to connect sheetmetal too.

Custom body mounts need to be built.

Custom Fuel Cell

Mount and route Airlines and brake lines

Mount and wire Air Valves, Tank, compressors/or nitrogen bottle


Any Questions???

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