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Originally Posted by dixie_boysles View Post
i know i get hot when i wear a few layers and insulated carhartt bibs.
I just wear jeans and my carhart bibs, although I went a different route with the coat. I was looking around at carhartts and wasnt pleased with how they looked/felt so I ended up buying a black dickies coat. about $30 cheaper than the carhartt and just as good if not better. I worked outside for 4 winters straight everyday. and I worked in a metal framed warehouse with absolutely no heat in it, therefore basically making it a freezer.

Very pleased with my Carhartt boots too. I also had a pair of dickies bibs that were better than my carhartt's IMO. they zipped all the way up the leg instead of just up the calf like my carhartts. But I ended up ruining the dickies while tracking a deer at 9:00 at night and I ended up knee deep in a swamp in 30 degree weather, and to make things better, the cops showed up because somebody drove by and saw us in the woods and I had my headlight on my head but I had it pointed straight up because i had a spot light, well needless to say the person drove by, saw the light pointing straight up in the air and thought somebody fell and was injured and we were looking for them? lol thats what the cop said anyways.


Originally Posted by ZWilson07 View Post
specifically what brand certain gloves do you all recommend. link to any?
these are exactly what I have in my hunting jacket. they get that warm that I usually have to take them off from time to time

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