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Default Re: The "what do you hate about your Ranger today" thread

Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post
I drove a 99 Miata from 45 to 115k and only had to ever replace the alternator (105k) and clutch slave (which is a 20 minute job as its externally mounted on the bellhousing- failed at 85k). It still had the original everything else and I BEAT that car with youthful ricer aggression. Redline at least once a day, uturns often involved me getting sideways, aggressive cornering, drag races with friends, a temporary stint delivering pizzas for a year, getting run into a gaurdrail at 50mph (woman didnt see me- smashed in all of the drivers side of car and took gouges out of the drivers side wheels but didnt even knock it out of alignment), etc etc. That car impressed me for sure.

Ive had to do more work on my Ranger just getting it running perfect at 90k than I had to do to the Miata after 9 years and 70k miles of ownership.

Bottom line is I think Rangers are cheaply built but cheap to fix. The chassis and accessory parts arent greatly durable, but the engine/trans (except the A4LD) will go 300k if you keep throwing parts at it and keep on top of maintenance.

In terms of the belt, if it was too tight youd see bearing issues in your pumps- but they would function normally until the bearings failed.

Nice information, I am about to go through the process of changing my control arms upper and lower completely.

I am hating this noise I hear in the transmission when I go in reverse.
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