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Default Re: The "what do you hate about your Ranger today" thread

My ranger's been nothing but problems the last few weeks. 3 weeks ago I went to replace the front shocks, and found out that the tire shop had cross threaded one of my lugnuts. Went through the whole ordeal of replacing the lug stud, then my brakes started making a loud squealing sound. Took the wheel off again, adjusted the caliper bracket, and the squealing was gone, but the truck started pulling to the right when driving and pulling left when braking. At the same time, the truck started stalling and stumbling when accelerating. Cleaned the MAF sensor, nothing. Tried cleaning the IAC, which just totally destroyed it and I had to get a new one, which didn't fix the issue. Replaced the crank position sensor, which seemed to help for a day, until the stumbling returned. I replaced all the plugs and wires which seems to have solved the stumbling/stalling (knock on wood), but the weird pulling is still here. The fun of DIY car repair.
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