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Default Re: The "what do you hate about your Ranger today" thread

Originally Posted by GLH View Post
I hate the fact that if you turn the key on when the battery is low, it locks the freakin doors !!! WTH ??? Locked my keys in with the engine running. Glad I have the sliding rear window !

Alternator seems to be fine. Battery checks at almost 14 V with the engine running. Put a load tester on without the engine running and the needle went all the way down to BAD/RED.

New battery installation in the morning. Wish I could find another Motorcraft. This one is original. 13-14 years. Not too shabby !
I know your pain with dead batteries. When I brought Gold Dust home, a month later the battery wouldn't hold a charge hardly. If I shut the key off, opened the door and got out without the radio running or anything, it wouldn't start again in 15 minutes or less. So my father gave me his battery and bought a new one for his. Two year old battery, but hey; it's free

I gotta say though, 14 years is impressive for a battery of any kind. Next battery I buy is gonna be a motorcraft.
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