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Default Re: Your Gun Pics, Post Em Up!

Originally Posted by 01_ranger_4x4 View Post
not quite, i still need to add a bolt action 30-06 or 7mm mag and a thousand rounds of ammo for each caliber i own. also a couple more handguns. ha ha
lol well get to it and don't forget a battery
Originally Posted by 03 SB FX4 View Post
My D-max - will pull the Cummin' Stroke it all night long!
Originally Posted by 99RangerAlfredo View Post
Nooo Demon does badd things to me when no one looks!!!
Originally Posted by cdawall View Post
Don't worry I next time I will just buy bolt ons so I can be just like you. Then I can drive around with unpainted fender flares and have a real prerunner
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