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Default Re: The "what do you hate about your Ranger today" thread

Originally Posted by casey.mikl View Post
Same thing happened to my truck when I got it. Got it from a family friend that let his mother in law drive it. Somehow she ran it dry and blew the head gasket. Motor was shot. Replaced the motor with the junk yard motor, didn't take it apart it anything just slapped it in. Has been running good since that's 60k ago. My trucks got 210k on it. Motor has been changed, rearend has been changed (to regear not because issue) tranny is original. My trucks never been broke down. Only time it sat was because I replaced the fan clutch and had to order a new fan because it cracked. So left it apart and waited for the fan to come in. Overall it's been a great truck. My dads buddy's wife's sister bought it new. Poster her job with like $1500 left on it and sold it to his buddy's wife. They drove it for a while used it to go to work and all around, sold it to my fathers other buddy that did the same thing and it was his daughters first vehicle. She put some dents in it, drove it till it blew up. And it was on the trailer to the scrap yard and told him to drop it off at my house that I would give him the $200 for it. So did. Put a motor in it. Did all the body work, went over it and have been driving it daily since. I love my truck, I will not sell it. It will turn into a project truck when I get a new one. Ford knows how to make good trucks. People are just way to bias to brands. I have a Chevy with 280k on it 1500 5.3 gas. Wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. Any vehicle is only as good as its maintained. Period. Doesn't matter if brand.


Yep my trucks had a new starter, alternator, water pump, radiator, ac lines, exhaust, plugs, wires, fuel pump, filter, and any other thing that needed work. All that stuff is considered maintenance. Love when people won't fix anything and will keep beating on it and then complain saying its a pos when it breaks down.
Exactly granted there's still vehicles I wouldn't own (Honda) but any vehicle will last as long as you want it to as long as you maintain it properly. I have an engine I'm planning on swapping in just need to get a cherry picker
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