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Originally Posted by smokinAMD View Post
Front wheel drive is not really the way to go. You'll get wicked bad understeer in dirt. I've done it in a fully built Mitsubishi Evo, and had a BLAST! Did the same course later in a Miata and a Civic. Damn near ran the civic into a tree because it wouldn't turn. The Miata did surprisingly well. For rally cross you really either want rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. There's plenty of RWD cars you can get for cheap that handle well. Miata....hell, even a mid 90's thunderbird wouldn't be bad. The Civic wouldn't be a bad choice for auto cross though, on tarmac they actually handle pretty good, but from my experience on dirt, I didn't enjoy it. I hate to say it, but I'd be on the look out for a beat to death 2000 or so subaru outback. Would be cheaper than a WRX and not turbo. Plus, they are a dime a dozen to find since all the yuppy hipsters and middle age lesbians drive them. How about this? I'm only gonna have maybe $1700 to spend for a car


Or this is the Honda I'm looking at
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