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Default 1990 Bronco 2 sound system build

Build will start shortly. I am budgeting my self to $500 for the system that includes everything. Luckily I have a decent head unit and two sets of components to throw in the Bronco. I have a set of Kenwood Excelon KFC X1710p 6 3/4" components that with some adapter plates will go in the rear and a set of Polk DB6501 6 1/2" thatll go in the front. They will be powered by the head unit which is a JVC KDS88BT. I will need either a new door unless I can find internals and a door pannels thatll work. The interior will be stripped for wire install and as of right now I am planing on running a single HDS215 in a custom box built by a member of a car audio group you can find him on facebook CSCStang he will be building me a box and shipping it all for $160 so between the sub and box that's $265 of the budget gone already which leaves me with $235 for an amp a wiring kit the repairs that need to be done to the door and speaker adapters. This should be fun.
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