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Default Re: My Custom LED Modded 3rd Brake Lights (KY)


Big Red is all done, looking for a new home.

I have TWO cargo light 3rBLs completed. (one sale is pending payment, one is on hold for 4evermodding for whenever he is up to working on the Ranger)

I've got 2 more cargo light 3rdBL's almost completed, they'll need a new home too.

I'm working on Big Red's little brother; same basic design as Big Red except it has 63 led's instead of 112... it's still almost as bright as Big Red.

Did I mention.... these make great Christmas gifts too?
Drop the hint to your significant other, parents, grand parents, next door neighbor or that guy that still owes you money.

I'll even consider trades for more 3rdBL's or for a nice set of 01+ Tail Lights too... although I could really use the $$$

I might even trade for a good set of OEM '96 or '00 tails.
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