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Default Re: How many miles do you have on your Ranger?

With just over $3,000 in repairs after effectively sitting for the last 11 years, the '97 made a smooth run from Tennessee to Maryland--700 miles--very smoothly. Repairs were for AC, rear shocks and clutch work (master and slave hydraulic cylinders, flywheel and pressure plate along with other associated hardware). 2.3L four ticked right along, cruising through the mountains on I-81 at 65mph giving me 24mpg average. Still has a slightly confused fuel gauge and AC relay clicks on and off much too quickly when engine is at idle; think the idle may be set too low for when AC is turned on.

At now 20510 miles, the thing drove and rode like it was brand new. (I cheated slightly. Ran it on 89 octane the entire trip and engine performance improved noticeably.)


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